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The only limits that exist are the ones in your own mind.


OceanSense was born out of the desire to establish a new and different experience to those wanting to discover Freediving.

Drawing from our own journey, personal struggles and experiences, our instructors are passionate about teaching Freediving to change and benefit the lives of others.

OceanSense holds its core value in delivering personal and proper tuition.

This is why we purposely deliver a 4:1 student per instructor ratio instead of 8:1 used in other systems. 

This ensures that every student is given the attention needed to fully master the skills needed to become a safe and confident Freediver. 


We offer a service that truly sets a new benchmark for Freediving tuition.


What is Freediving?


Freediving is the term used for Breath Hold Diving. For thousands of years Freediving has been engrained in our history and human culture by means of hunting for food or in search of treasure. It is the most natural way to explore the underwater world.


In the 1950’s, the sport of Freediving was born and stands to this day to be the fastest growing recreational activity in the world.


The PADI Freediver course is designed to take anyone, from any level of experience, and create them into a confident, safe and skilled Freediver. Over the 2 days, you will take a journey not just into the ocean, but into yourself.


Thanks for you enquiry, we will reply soon as we get out of the water!


For more information, bookings ore training please drop us an email or a message.




Tel: 04 12 704 122

Tel: 04 26 440 491 (ESP)

OceanSense Freediving
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