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We are the only school in Queensland who offers this unique service!

Equalization Workshops

Having trouble equalizing your middle ear?


Not being able to equalise can be very frustrating, especially when your breathhold and confidence in the water isn't a problem.


First thing you need to know is you are not alone.


Equalisation problems have affected most divers at some point in their journey, and over time and practice, you can become an EQ machine.  


OceanSense holds EQ workshops for those struggling when compensating their middle ear. Whether it's your first 10m, or deep advanced eq, we can help.


Our 90 minute workshop will leave you with the knowledge and skills to release the pressure - pun intended!

Please note: This is not a certification - find out more about our PADI / SSI freediving courses here.

What's included?

  • Theory of Equalisation

Understand what's actually going on inside and what is needed for good compensation, specially upside down.

  • Exercises, tricks and tips

Learn ways to master eq with different exercises to develop the muscles involved and help build muscle memory.

  • Confined water session in deep pool

Work on EQ without battling with ocean conditions meaning you can truly relax and concentrate on your new found skills.

  • Free EQ tool Included


​To participate in our Discover Freediving Experience you:  

  • Must have attended a freediving course. 

  • Have no medical conditions related to this activity.

Please note: This is not a certification and should not be practised until a full Freediver course is taken.

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